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Ziggo is a national provider of media and communications in Netherlands. Ziggo serves approximately 3 million households, 1.6 million broadband Internet customers, more than 2 million customers and 1.3 million digital TV subscribers telephony. The retail and wholesale market make use of our products and services such as telephony, data communication and electronic payment options. The catchment area - with strong regional bases - stretches across most of the Netherlands.

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Ziggo is providing its customers the greatest ease and pleasure to experience in the field of information, communication and entertainment in a constantly changing world.

Ziggo is the television package during the summer of 2011 significantly changed and simplified. Ziggo considers digital television standard. This has resulted in three packages which both digital and interactive TV is included. With the purchase of his receiver (digital or interactive), customers choose which features to use. The packages include 25 analog channels and 60 respectively (standard TV), 90 (TV Plus) or 120 (Extra TV) digital channels, plus interactive services. Ziggo also offer a number of additional digital packages, such as Eredivisie Live, Film1 and Sport1. They offer services to hospitals, hotels and houses students through agreements with the operators of these organizations.

Ziggo have over 1.6 million broadband customers, which we have a penetration of 39% in their service area have achieved. With the implementation of EuroDocsis 3.0 they have substantially increased Internet speeds, up to 120 Mbps and more.

Ziggo offer three packages telephony:
1) Basic Telephony Z1 provides high quality telephone services at a reasonable price, and other telephony Ziggo customers for half the price.
2) Z1 Telefonzie plenty Evening and Weekend calling offers unlimited free calls to landlines in the Netherlands in the evenings and weekends.
3) Telephony Z1 full call always offers unlimited free calls to landlines in the Netherlands and Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, United States (including Hawaii and Alaska) , Sweden and Zwitserland.op all times.

All-in-1 (Bundles):
During 2008, Ziggo introduced various bundle options for their customers to enable television, broadband and telephony products in one package to take. Ziggo currently have over 1.2 million subscribers to bundle the All-in-one product.

This Ziggo has the largest fiber network in the Netherlands. Go to Ziggo and use their services like Webmail, Internet TV, Ziggo app Android, iPad, Speedtest and many more and get easy life.

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Ziggo is quite active as entertainment provider. Ziggo have over 1.6 million broadband customers which is quite an achievement.

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