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Google Gmail Login Page Email Account Inbox / Secure Sign In /  Recovery Password:
The Gmail is providing with two ways of login sections either by the Gmail web interface and the second section is by the accessing Gmail remotely using desktop or mobile email clients both is coming with their own advantage and their own disadvantages. The Gmail users can get access to the account from any of the global location the user can login to his account with just having internet connection with him. The Remote client just like the Desktop email programs Outlook or Thunderbird also provides with other many features with it such as the access of the mail account without the internet connection. They can be stored without a remote server also even if without an availability of internet connection.

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Gmail Motion: Google introduced a service called Gmail Motion on 1st April 2011 which allowed users to navigate emails through the user's physical actions using webcams. Here to send an email, the user would perform the action of licking a stamp, and posting it, after sign up user would be directed to an April Fools message.

The main disadvantage of the Gmail is the way of having access to two accounts at the same time is near to impossible the problem facing by all the users. Another problem is the privacy modes that most web browsers come with. The privacy mode works independently with the internet browsers it was just for the use to log into the Gmail separately. The Greasemonkey script is coming with the Google Account Multi Login but it is also not able to provide the multiple Login facility is the same browsing section. The user have various problems like the signing in, the Gmail website loading, the acceptance of the username and the password and even the Gmail sometimes comes with the page listing error message. The correct URL for login Gmail is the this confusion is faced by many of the Gmail users.

Additionally the users have to first see to that either the website is loading successfully according to the user or not, this problem can be cleared by clearing the cache presented and ensuring on the other web browser such as Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome about the accessing of the Gmail homepage. If even the browsing is not able to get the Gmail home page then it may be the firewall, router or the computer virus blocking the access on the computer. The last option left over is getting access on to another PC for the Gmail homepage so that a confirmation can be obtained about the problem. The user if get to forget the their Username and the password then the user have to get to the help menu provided in the login page and get to fill the form according to the steps stated. This will help the user to have access to the particular account again.

If the user needs further details then the user can have access to the login helper page in the Gmail login menu. The guide so provided has to be studied with ease so that the user can get to the reason why they were not able to get access to login. The sharing section is provided so that the other Google users can get the solution to the user who have all ready faced the problem before.  The Google have come with a new login section so that the login can be secured it’s just two stepped.

The Google is coming with the utilization of the smartphones which will receive the verification code option once, the hackers have to get to the password and also the verification code to get the mail hacked out. The user can get to the Gmail login menu and access to this type of new login process. This type of system need to have a backup mobile phone to the part so that if one get stolen then another can play their part accordingly.

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My gmail account cannot log in

Alan said...

My gmail account cannot log in

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